Ketone Slim XT Reviews

Ketone Slim XT & Prima Cleanse Plus Reviews


First Review

One day at one of my weekly ‘mothers group’ meet up we all ended up talking about how we still have pregnancy belly fat and how annoying it is that no matter what we do it is still there and wont ever go away. Most of the mothers ended up talking about their different experiences and what they all had tried to do in order to reduce some weight. It was then when one of our fellow mothers, who had not been coming for a while, was asked how she had lost almost all her belly fat. It was then when she mentioned 2 products known as Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus. She started to describe everything she knew about them and said that she had been using these products for the past 3 weeks and the results for her were remarkable as she could feel that her energy levels were higher and she had also lost a considerable amount of weight. Upon hearing all this I decided that I too should give these products a try, as I to was tired of my excessive belly fat. So I ordered my package the same night and was pleased to see it arrive within a few days. Once I got it, I started using these products and could feel all the right things happening to my body and that made me very happy. I started to feel so good about myself and I felt my energy levels going higher and me loosing weight like the products had promised they would. I have to say these products are worth the money and I too would recommend them to everyone I know as it is a super easy way to reduce weight and feel good about yourself without spending too much time and effort.



2nd Reviews About Ketone Slim XT

After being totally fed up with my weight problems and all the other problems (such as constipation) related to weight issues I decided to do some research myself so that I could come up with a good enough solution for myself so that I could help myself. Going through different websites and looking at different products I finally found a page that mentioned Ketone Slim XT on it as a great way to lose weight and it had also mentioned how many celebrities were using this product as well. Naturally I became intrigued and wanted to find out more about it and hence I started to Google about Ketone Slim XT. After reading all the positive effects the ingredients of Ketone Slim XT has on the body in addition to weight loss, I knew I had to try it out. So I quickly ordered my Ketone Slim XT and was waiting for its arrival when I happen to read online that Ketone Slim XT works best when used with another product known as Prima Cleanse Plus. That’s when I ordered this product as well and after both these products had come I started to use them and pretty soon I too could tell why there were so many positive reviews about the products on the Internet. These products do what they promised they would do and in the process not only do you feel more fresh and full of energy but it also helps you become more confident as you are now able to look good as well as feel good about yourself. So if you too have weight issues problem I would suggest you try this out, as it should work wonders for you as it did for me.


3rd Review with Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus

Being a 30 year old woman with extreme weight issues had me frustrated and lonely as I didn’t feel like meeting anyone or going out with friends as I was very conscious about my fat body. As a result I found myself becoming a hermit, someone who was cut off from the world and was just a stay at home mom who preferred to be on her own as well as left alone. Due to this behavior of mine my family got extremely upset and were always urging me to go on different diets or to try out exercise routines. Sometimes I would try them out but due to the extremely slow process associated with these techniques I would just get annoyed and leave them halfway. I needed something quick and easy and that’s when I decided to take things in my own hands and started doing some research. This was how I found out about Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus. I had stumbled upon a blog of some women who used to be in the same sort of situation as I was and she had written about her experience of how she was able to loose all her weight with the help of these two products. After reading all this and doing some more research on these products I decided to give it a go myself and I ordered them and started to use them. Within 2 to 3 weeks of using these products I could feel so much better weight wise and with respect to energy. But the real effects started after I had used the products for another 2 weeks and I could feel so much lighter as I had lost a considerable amount of weight. So for me these products turned out to be a lifesaver.


4th Review


Are you tired of being overweight? Have you tried many different techniques in order to reduce your weight but have failed immensely each time? Are you just fed up of your weight and want a quick and fast solution? If you answered yes to all the questions above then it is your lucky day as I am about to tell you about my own personal experience of how I lost all my weight and went from being obese to slim and smart. They say that obesity is the root cause of many other physical and mental problems and that is so true as not only was I over weight but I also had other problems like constipation and had low energy levels. Not only that but I didn’t feel good about myself at all and as a result I had started to cut off all my family and friends as I didn’t want to meet anyone. One day while I was watching Television I saw an advertisement for Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus and it stated that when both these products are used together they help you reduce your weight as well as detoxify your entire colon system so that your metabolism can be boosted. But the best part was that it came with a money back guarantee so if I wasn’t satisfied with the product then I could always return it. The advertisement provided me with all the encouragement I needed and I quickly ordered myself both these products. After having used them for 3 weeks I felt so much better about myself as I had started to loose weight quicker than ever before. Not only that but I could feel my energy levels going up and I just felt so good about myself. So for me these two products were really good and I would recommend them to you as well and incase they don’t work you know that you can get all your money back, so it’s a win-win situation.


5th Review

Tired of my weight problems, I decided to do some research on this subject one day after university. That’s how I came to know about both Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus. And after doing some more research I found out that many people were using this, so I thought I too should give them a try, as to me it seemed as if this might be the solution to all my weight problems. So I ordered the products online, through their website and they arrived sooner than I expected. I got really excited and started to use these so-called diet pills as soon as they arrived. I made sure I had the daily recommended dosage and that I didn’t miss any pill or capsule as I wanted results. I kept on using these pills for around 1 month and though after the 1 month period had ended I felt a bit more fresh, I didn’t feel any of the other things happening which had been promised by the manufacturer and thus it was a big let down for me. I had thought that the pills would work wonders on me as well as it had for other people whose reviews I had been reading online. But no such results occurred in my situation. But even though the products didn’t work out for me I was very happy with the way they dealt with me and I got my money back (as these products do come with a money back guarantee). So all in all, it wasn’t that bad as I got to try out both these products and still got all my money back when they didn’t meet my expectations. And as for their customer service, I would definitely give them a 10 out of 10, as they were very welcoming and willing to help me claim my money back guarantee.


6th Ketone Slim XT Review


Sitting at my doctor’s office, I was going through a magazine when I happened to see an advertisement for Prima Cleanse Plus. It stated that it was an all-natural product, which detoxifies your colon system of any impurities that might have built up in your colon. I am a health junkie and its always my mission to try out anything new that would help me boost my metabolism and help me maintain a weight size that is on par with my Body Mass Index (BMI). So after reading about this in the magazine I wanted to find out a bit more about it so that I could finalize whether it really would be worth all the time and effort put into ordering this product. As I was reading more and more about it on the internet the more I wanted to buy it to try it out as what could be better than an all natural product. I also found out on the Internet that this product works best when it is used with another product known as Ketone Slim XT, which is also an all-natural product. So now I knew that this was something I had to try. After quickly ordering these products online I waited anxiously for them to come and once they had I started using them the very next day. The results were astounding as I was able to reach my target weight within 4 weeks of using these products. Not only this but it also boosted my metabolism and I could feel my abs going tighter. It was one of the best feelings and I loved the effects these products were having on my body and this is the reason why I would recommend these products to anyone, as it is a quick and easy way to having a better body.


7th Review

Almost everyone has weight issues but not all people have the time and energy to do something about it. I was in the same situation and though I wanted to do something about it, but being at work and then having to look after the house and my kids, I never got around to doing anything about it, as I just did not have the time at all. But still that didn’t mean that I wasn’t concerned about my weight issues, because I was but just didn’t have the time to do something about it. So one day when in my office I heard my colleagues talk about Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus and how one of our seniors had used a combination of both these products in order to loose all her weight, I became genuinely interested in finding out more about it. So once I got home, I started to read more about these products online and was pleased to see that they were all natural products and came with a money back guarantee. Not only that but I kept on reading about all the ingredients in these products and all the positive effects it has on the body. That’s when I knew I had to try these out for sure and that’s why I ordered these products. After receive my shipment I started their intake like they had mentioned on the website. The effects of the products started to kick in after 2 weeks and I could see myself loose weight on the scale and could feel myself being more energetic and fresher. So for me this product was great and I loved the results it had on my body and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to loose some weight.


8th Review

I came to know about Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus through a friend of mine who had actually gifted me the bottles of both these products as a gift. At first I was skeptical about them but when she told me her sister had used these to reduce her weight I was actually impressed and wanted to give them a try myself as my friends sister had lost quite a lot of weight in the past couple of months. Not only that but after my friend had left I decided to do some research on the products myself. So now that I had received the bottles as a gift, I thought to myself that trying them out would be the best solution as I already had them and besides both these products were made from all natural ingredients so its not like they would be harming my body. I started to use these products and though in the start it felt as if nothing was happening but after 4 weeks of using them I could feel myself become lighter and more energetic. Plus I had lost around 6 kilos on the scale and that was the best part about it. After using it for another 4 weeks, I had lost another 5 kilos and that made me feel so much better about myself as not only did I look good now but I also felt good. All this weight loss combined with higher energy levels and tighter abs, it was like I had transformed into a slimmer and smarter version of myself and I was loving everything about it. So for me this was a great experience and if you are experiencing something similar it would be good to check it out for yourself as well, as I think you would benefit from it too and incase you don’t you can always use the money back guarantee to get your money back.


9th Ketone SLim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus Review

Meeting up with friends after work is a normal thing for me and like all females my age, we usually end up talking about the dreaded weight problem. Everyone ends up talking about their struggles when it comes to weight and how annoying it is for them to get rid of excess body fat. So this time as well we talked about weight and how difficult it is to get rid of it. But this time around one of my friends said that she had read online about two products. One was Ketone Slim XT, while the other one was Prima Cleanse Plus. That is when she went into all the details she knew about these products and said that she was also thinking of trying them out, since they were all natural products so even if it didn’t help with weight loss at least they wouldn’t have any other adverse effects on the body. So when she was talking about these products, I thought that maybe I should try them out as well and that’s when I went online and ordered these products for myself as well. Within a few days, after placing my order, the products were at my doorstep and I was super excited to start using them. But unfortunately after using these products I was not fully satisfied with the outcome of it. Yes it did help me reduce some weight but not like it had been described. But luckily I remembered them stating on their website that there is a money back guarantee. Then I contacted their customer services representative and I have to say that I was fully satisfied with their services as they were so keen to help me and I got my money back in full and that made me extremely happy.


10th Review

It is normal for me to hang out with my group of friends every other fortnight, as it is so good to meet up with friends. Not only that but it also gives us a chance to talk about all the upcoming trends and what’s going on in each other’s lives. And it was during one of these regular meet ups where a friend started talking about a weight loss program that she found out about from Google ads. She said that she has done a lot of research on it and it looks promising and she is going to be trying it out. So that’s when I decided to further look into this as well and to see what all the talk was about. That’s how I came to know about Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus. Upon going through the website, the products looked promising enough so I decided to try them out as well. Especially since it said that there was a full money back guarantee if the products were not up to the mark, so that was an extra motivation for trying them out. With the help of some friendly customer service representatives, I had placed my order and the shipment arrived after a few days. I started using the products like they had said on the package from the very next day and was really looking forward to the results. But unfortunately the results were not as I had expected. Yes my energy levels were a bit higher, but I couldn’t feel the sort of weight loss happening that had been described. That’s when I contacted the customer services representative again and they were very helpful and willing to make sure I got my money back, which I did. So they have a great customer services program.


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