Ketone Slim XT Personal Test

Personal test with Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus

Going through a midlife crisis is bad enough but then the added weight problem makes it all the more worse. Being a woman and a mother of 2, wanting to lose all the excess weight, especially the belly fat, is a top priority. But actually following a proper diet plan or keeping up with an exercise routine is out of the question as my kids always keep me on my toes and I hardly ever have time left for myself. And the little time I do get, I certainly do not want to waste it on exercising. Because after all the hard work I put in for my home and family, for me my ‘me time’ is all about me relaxing. But I mainly wanted to somehow change my current ways and maintain a healthier lifestyle where I would not only look fresh but feel fresh and energetic as well.

But having said that, still at times I used to feel a little edgy due to my excess weight and always wondered if there was a fast and simple solution for my weight problem, because a lifestyle change meant taking it slowly and then waiting for the long-term results but I wanted quicker results. So when I saw the advertisement for Ketone Slime XT online it intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about it. With a slogan of “Melt Away Fat, Get a Tight Body”, this all natural product promises to help burn off any excess fat you may have and it also suppress your appetite, all while retaining your muscle mass and boosting your energy. In the process of all this, Ketone Slim XT gives you super thin legs and tightens your abs as well. But the best part is that while using this your energy and freshness doesn’t decrease at all and instead you feel more energetic than ever.


At this time I would like to point out that apart from Ketone Slim XT, another product by the name of Prima Cleanse Plus is also available in the market. I found out about this product from a friend who told me about it when I mentioned to her that I saw an advertisement for Ketone Slim XT. She told me that she had also heard about these products and was wanting to try them for herself as well, as the proposed effects of these products were supposed to be amazing. Basically Prima cleanse plus, as the name suggests, cleanses our colon system. Now cleansing your colon is very important and most people are unaware that once our digestive system slows down a bit, it cannot digest food at the speed at which it used to. So what happens now is that due to this slow digestion, toxins start to build up in your body and then these toxins have adverse effects on your body which include bloating, constipation and weight gain and we all know that extreme weight gain is the root cause of many other mental and physical problems. So when Prima Cleanse Plus cleanses you colon, the buildup of toxins is avoided and as a result your metabolism increases, which burns off excess fat leaving you full of energy and freshness.

But it is important to note that the secret behind the success of these products are the all-natural ingredients, which are used to make these products. Ketone Slim XT contains raspberry ketone, which breaks up fat cells at a quicker rate and therefore increases metabolism. This raspberry ketone is combined with anti-oxidants such as green coffee, which acts as a shield for the body against free radical stress. Moving on to Prima Cleanse Plus, it contains Aloe Forex, which is a cleansing product for not only the colon but for many other body parts. Other than that it contains white oak bark and golden seal, which increase the overall health of your body and enhance the immune system respectively.

Having learnt so much about these products and after reading that many celebrities have used it, I wanted to give it a try as well to see whether it would work for me as well.  And the best part was that there was complete money back guarantee policy so in case I wasn’t satisfied with the products I could return them and I would’ve literally not lost a penny. So after keeping all this in mind, I decided to do an 8-week personal test where I would be using both these products. So to be able to better asses the efficiency of these products I divided my personal test into 4, 2 weeks each step. For this test, my intake of the products was the recommended dosage on the bottle, which is as follows:

  • For Ketone Slim XT: 2 pills per day (with a glass of water) with a gap of at least 8 hours between each dose.
  • For Prima Cleanse Plus: Take 2 capsules with a fluid; the first one before the first meal of the day and the second one before dinner.


After the first 2 weeks, I felt as my abs had gone tighter and I could feel a bit more energetic than usual. Like before I would be feeling tired and lethargic but after using these products together I could feel as if I had more energy than I usually did. Over the next 2 weeks my energy levels were up even more and I had lost 10 pounds, which was a big achievement for me. So after half of my test period was over, the results had me completely fascinated and I was now enthusiastically looking forward to the end of the entire 8-week test period. I kept on taking the recommended dosage and after 6 weeks, I felt as if my spirits were even higher as the results were remarkable and I felt lighter than before as I had lost a further 7 pounds. At the end of the 8 weeks test period, when I stepped on the weight machine I was amazed to see that I had in total lost 23 pounds and not only that but my abs had become tighter than they were ever before and I could feel that I was fresh and wasn’t getting tired after performing the smallest of tasks. In addition to all that, the usage of these products made me feel so good about myself as I found myself being more active and happy emotionally and physically.

So for me these products proved to be worthwhile and I was impressed by the results and I would recommend them to all my friends and family. The reason for this is that they are made from all natural products, which means they aren’t harming your health. Not only that, but the money back guarantee means that if the product doesn’t work for you then you can gladly return it and get all your money back. Just one important thing to remember is that, the usage of these products should be together as these products work best when they are taken together. So it is always recommended to take Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus together if you want fast and efficient results.


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