Ketone Slim XT Ingredients

Ketone Slim XT & Prima Cleanse Plus Ingredients and Effects

Ketone Slim XT and Prima Cleanse Plus are two great products that have great effects on the body and make you feel so much better about yourself and this is all because of the all-natural ingredients that are used to make these products. The main ingredients in Ketone Slim XT are Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee extract and Cholorgenic Acid. All three of these ingredients work together and help in extreme weight loss.

10Raspberry Ketone is found in red raspberries and is responsible for giving the raspberries its aroma. But the ones used in Ketone Slim XT are synthetic, as it would take lots of raspberries to get the amount of ketone required for just one pill. This ingredient is responsible in maintaining the metabolism of the body by regulating a protein called adiponetin, which is responsible for breaking down body fat in order to reduce fat from the body. Green Coffee extract is a major herbal ingredient and its function is to detoxify the body so that all impurities are removed from the body. Cholorgenic Acid is also found in green coffee and is a great ingredient as it prevents the release of glucose from foods so that your body breaks down the already available fat cells from your body in order to get energy. And in this way body fat is reduced as well as new fat cells are not made. Another ingredient in the Ketone Slim XT is caffeine which is also taken from green coffee and it is also a major fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredient.
Moving on to Prima Cleanse Plus, following are the ingredients contained in Prima Cleanse Plus and their effects.



  • Aloe Vera Extract: Generally this is used to treat skin conditions, but since it is full of Vitamin C, B- Vitamins and different amino acids and minerals, it provides your body with extra nourishment.
  • Slippery Elm Bark: Since it is full of anti oxidants, it is so useful for the body.
  • Gentian Root: It is an herb and is a great way to treat gastrointestinal problems.
  • Senna Leaf: It comes from the Cinnamon leaf family and is used as a cathartic and laxative.
  • White Oak Bark: This herb contains, Potassium, Iron and Vitamin B-12 and is an anti bacterial and anti parasitic diuretic.
  • Blue Vervain: This ingredient has healing properties and is used as a natural tranquilizer.
  • Psyllium: It is a high fiber laxative and helps reduce heart disease and cholesterol.
  • Goldenseal Root: This is an anti bacterial and disinfectant and hence cleanses out the digestive system.
  • Rhubarb Extract: This ingredient is also like the goldenseal root and as a result it also flushes out the digestive system of impurities.


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